Lane Ends Pygmy Goats
Lane Ends Pygmy Goats


Ben Heaps
Westfield, Moss Lane, Little Hoole, Preston PR4 4TA
T: 07734 670326


Besides his Pygmy Goats, Ben breeds
100% Boer Goats, Zwartbles sheep, Kerry Hill sheep,
Grey Faced Dartmoor sheep & Badger Face sheep
at Four Lane Ends Farm in Charnock Richard, Chorley, Lancashire

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Kerry Hill Ram bred by Ben Heaps Kerry Hill Ram bred by Ben Heaps Kerry Hill Ram bred by Ben Heaps

Pygmy Goats are hardy & good-natured & make a gentle and endearing pet. They should not be kept alone - they need another Pygmy Goat friend as company. Pygmy Goats make loveable & highly entertaining pets!


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 Lane Ends Pygmy Goats

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